In the heart of the Media Valley

With its many years of experience as the media capital of the Netherlands, Hilversum is well equipped to meet the demands of businesses in this industry and is able to offer countless opportunities. One example is our IT infrastructure; our open fibre optic network and LORA data network are available to everyone in media city Hilversum.

Data: lots of it, big, or other

The fact that there is an open fibre optic network all over Hilversum, means that uploading and downloading data from any location in the city is incredibly fast. Thanks to the LORA data network, businesses can more easily develop and test their products and services. During monthly LORAthons, various groups of businesses develop their products.
The fact that Hilversum has faith in its businesses is shown through its role as first and launching customer of data-driven media applications.

Companies of all sizes are located in Hilversum, making the local business community an innovative and inspiring mix. The City is more than happy to help its entrepreneurs; all companies and entrepreneurs can turn to the Ondernemersloket (Business Advice Centre) for answers to a large variety of questions.

Start-ups can turn to the regional Start-up Gooi en Vechtstreek centre that offers information, support and access to funding options. Do not forget to also register your business at Start-up Utrecht. This collaboration with the Utrecht Economic Board offers fast and easy access to knowledge, networks and potential financiers.

Growing your business

An increase in scale is not always easy and can present quite a challenge, because you will need bigger offices and because internationalization or access to other markets usually involves new and different activities. The Media Matters programme has been set up to offer assistance to media companies. With their guidance, you can accelerate your growth.

But there are interesting initiatives for non-media businesses too, such as the Media Lab – where different types of businesses bring in cases and use knowledge from the media industry to develop business opportunities.


Media City Hilversum is surrounded by the cities of Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Utrecht. Thanks to Hilversum’s great location, excellent public transportation system and easy access by car, your important partners are always nearby. International Airport Schiphol is only a twenty-minute drive away.

The hustle and bustle in the Media City is surrounded by the peace and quiet of woods, water and heathland. There are plenty of places to go to enjoy nature and tranquillity. Hilversum also offers amenities such as international schools and regular schools, sports clubs and culture (with museums such as Image and Sound, the Hilversum museum or music venue de Vorstin). The lively city centre offers many bars, restaurants and other establishments for a night on the town.

Representative and affordable options

Media Park houses a large number of media businesses. There are a lot of businesses in Hilversum that occupy beautiful office villas, iconic media buildings or centres for creativity and innovation such as Werf35.

Hilversum is a buzz with creativity; the vibe of a place where music, games, stories and other products are made. One quarter of the local economy consists of the creative industry, but Hilversum is also home to international businesses such as Nike, Sonos and Ericsson.

Thousands of freelancers work from home here. Or they share a workspace at Mix Creative Coworking, Old School Projects or Werf35. As stated previously, Hilversum boasts an open fibre optic network that makes working anywhere anytime incredibly easy.

In short, Hilversum has a host of great and affordable options for different kinds of businesses and organizations. Many of these locations have excellent parking facilities as well.

Wide range of office locations available

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Would you like to know more about relocating to Hilversum? The City of Hilversum would be more than happy to help. Contact: Anita Boerkamp, Senior Accountmanager Creatieve Sector, of 035-6292686 / 06 40 23 23 97.

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