A great innovation channel

Work together, learn, grow and innovate together – where people from different backgrounds meet, beautiful new things can develop. A great innovation climate requires an environment that makes it easy for people to meet. Places to meet and moments in which people come together to share experiences, ideas and find a platform.

Hilversum has been developing for almost 100 years and that growth is continuing at a rapid pace. The digital media sector’s core is located in Media City. This core area houses broadcasting companies with a vast amount of knowledge and a high degree of skill. There is also a broad spectrum of small start-ups and medium-sized enterprises eagerly developing new initiatives and offering innovative technologies.

Co-creation and collaboration

Innovation is a process of co-creation and collaboration. Since this is an industry that is largely fragmented and specialized, meeting up for drinks may be a great way of keeping up with what’s happening. Competing on an international level is easier when you’re aware of important developments. Knowledge sharing helps create a favourable innovation climate.

Creative industry

At least 6,000 people work in the creative industry, media and entertainment. A pleasant environment and a good atmosphere are conducive to forging lasting partnerships. Spontaneous or scheduled meetings are essential in the acquisition of clients or contracts and in information and knowledge exchange. Hilversum has a way of forging connections by creating action.

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Encounters in the country’s Media City

Cross Media Café

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Knowledge is often shared and presented during events. Media events are regularly scheduled in Hilversum for this reason. In the spring, Media Talent Week draws crowds and proudly shows off the media city’s young and upcoming talent. In autumn, the most important event is Dutch Media Week, boasting the impressive Open Studio Days and the Annual Media Park Conference.

Hilversum is happy to provide a platform for innovation, stories and creativity. Please see the schedule for the next event that you should not miss!

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