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Highly educated people are vital to a vibrant media sector. The world of technology is constantly changing and there are new possibilities available all the time. Both in the media and in other areas. This is why media city Hilversum greatly welcomes talent.

Knowledge and innovation are the driving force behind a strong and healthy economy. We would like to challenge young people to come up with new ideas and keep learning. No professional ever stops learning, so we have a wide range of training courses, workshops and programmes available. The programmes are linked to the everyday practice and are updated according to the latest developments. Innovation: the driving force behind growth.


The City of Hilversum is working with a number of partners to organize Coderdojo events (teaching children to write code) and a Digital Design master class for secondary school pupils.
There is a Coderdojo event every month. During these events, children between the ages of 7 and 11 playfully explore the world of computer programming and learn to write code. Animations teach children the programming skills to create their own stories. Pupils between 11 and 18 years old learn to build websites and apps.
The Digital Design Master Class is a project for young talent in secondary education. Approximately sixty talented 15 and 16 year olds from secondary schools in the Hilversum area spend 5 months working on solving media-related issues for local companies. When the time is up they present their concepts in the form of a video, an app or another media product.


Hilversum Media Campus (HMC) is the country’s top platform for media learning. Businesses in the media industry and media-related degree programmes work together to boost and innovate the media sector. Students learn all about the dynamic world of media in one of the following environments:

Media Future WeekMedia Future Week In the spring, the Media Future Week is scheduled to take place at Hilversum Media Park. This event is an unforgettable pressure cooker in which top students from university of applied sciences media programmes take part in master classes, co-creation sessions and lectures. This event helps participants push themselves to become even better in their fields and helps improve education. See the video here.

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Talent Development Program:

a challenging traineeship programme for young professionals.


Talent Development Program:

a challenging traineeship programme for young professionals.


Community en Learning:

helpdesk and matchmaker between education institutes and the business community.

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For those pursuing another multi-year professional degree or Master’s degree in Hilversum, the following programmes are available:

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Lifelong learning

It may be hard to keep up with new developments in technology and the media, as progress continues at a breathtaking pace. As a working professional you may feel the need to brush up on your knowledge every now and then. New career moves may also require that you learn additional skills. The Hilversum Media Campus can also play a role in this.

Hilversum as a media city is home to iMMOvator, the top knowledge centre for the digital media sector. As a centre of expertise, IMMovator collects information about the media by focusing on possibilities for innovation and how they can be used. As a networking organization, IMMOvator focuses on bringing together parties that can benefit from each other by exchanging information on the latest developments. In this role, they organize important meetings during Cross Media Cafe events and the Media Park Annual Conference.